WIN a 6ft Potted Beech Tree from Farm and Garden Supplies!

The WINNER of a 6ft Potted Beech Tree from
Farm and Garden Supplies is Daniel Harker!


Potted Green Beech (Fagus Sylvatica)

Potted Green Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) is a wonderful choice for a hedge. With large dark green leaves in Spring and Summer turning to copper in Autumn. It offers privacy and reduces noise.

Key features of our Product:

  • Semi-Evergreen
  • Leaves turn copper brown in the Autumn but will remain until Spring
  • For and Soil Type – easy to grow
  • Full sun to partial shade
  • Hardy and Low Maintenance
  • Trim once a year in Autumn
  • Wildlife friendly

Product Details

Green Beech keeps its leaves on the plant over winter and they refer to it as semi-evergreen. It is non thorny and wildlife friendly – providing great habitat for birds and insects.

Green Beech will grow up to 30cm per year and can be trimmed into a nice tight hedge – Farm and Garden Supplies' recommend you trim once a year in Autumn to keep the foliage dense.

Farm and Garden Supplies' recommend 5 plants per metre in a double zig-zag row for a thick hedge, but you can get away with 3-4 per metre in a staggered row if you don’t mind waiting an extra year or two to form a thick hedge.

Keep them well watered – especially in the Spring and Summer in the first year of planting. If you are not sure how many plants you need or which varieties suit your garden please just contact or call them and they will be happy to offer friendly advice!

For best results plant with Rootgrow gel – it increases the growth rate by up to 50% and really helps the plants establish.

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