Growing Nectarines at the Allotment

Growing Nectarines at the Allotment

Sweet and juicy Nectarines follow pretty blossom on these stunning trees that can be successful in the UK, in the right growing conditions. 

Nectarine trees like a sunny and sheltered spot; ideally south-facing and they can be grown in the soil or in containers. They can also be grown in an unheated greenhouse as they do need a period of dormancy.

You can train and prune Nectarine trees to grow against a wall or structure too.

Nectarine trees are similar to Peaches in both appearance and taste, although Nectarines can be a bit more difficult to cultivate as they require warmer conditions and sometimes produce a lower yield.

Nectarine trees that are dormant bareroots can be planted in autumn to early spring. Container grown Nectarines can be planted at any time, but it is best to avoid planting during summer as it will require a tremendous amount of watering. 

Plant the Nectarine tree in well-drained soil and add mulch to retain moisture and supress the weeds. Water regularly until the tree is established, and for container grown trees - they will require watering more frequently. However, do not let Nectarine trees become water-logged, which will cause root rot.

Nectarine trees will require protection from frosts when it is blossoming to ensure it crops fruit. Ripening fruits will also need protection from birds and squirrels.

Nectarines are ready to harvest July - August when they have coloured and feel soft. They will gently pull off the stem.

Nectarines can be enjoyed fresh and cooked in desserts.

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Growing Nectarines in Summary

Planting Nectarines

  • Plant dormant bareroots in autumn to early spring
  • Plant container grown anytime but avoid mid summer
  • Plant in a sunny and sheltered position

Growing Nectarines

  • Water well until established
  • Protect from frosts and birds and squirrels
  • Prune during early spring

Harvesting Nectarines

  • Harvest July-August
  • Pick by pulling gently
  • Nectarine is coloured and soft when ripened