Regenerating our earth

Bring old soil back to life with soil improving products delivered directly from Envar, a leading UK compost producer. Rejuvenate your soil with their soil improver and garden mulch produced from green waste processed at their composting sites.

Their peat-free soil improver will enhance the properties of your soil as well as aiding carbon sequestration. It provides a slow release of nutrients, improves soil structure and rooting potential, increases moisture retention, improves soil drainage and is a good source of organic matter.

Envar is an organic waste and biomass recycling operator specialising in the sustainable and cost-effective processing of food and green waste. They produce sustainable soil improving products from organic waste.

Over more than 30 years Envar has built up an enviable reputation as a leading light in the organic waste management industry.

· Innovative use of technology

· Market-leading product development

· Robust operating procedures

· High standards of integrity

· Commitment to environmental responsibility

· Four different sites across the UK

· Family run

· Experienced staff

Products available from Envar include 900 litre bulk bags of the following:

· Compost soil improver

· Spent mushroom compost

· Woodland garden mulch

· Decorative garden mulch

· Wood chip

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