Growing Greengages at the Allotment

Growing Greengages

Greengages are a type of plum and are cultivated in the same way. 

They can be planted as bare root trees during November-December when they are dormant or, alternatively if they are container grown trees, they can be grown at any time of the year.

Dig a hole in well-drained soil in a sunny and sheltered spot. Place a stake in the ground before planting the tree so that the roots are not damaged. Keep the tree weed-free and watered regularly.

The fruits will begin to form from May onwards and will need thinning out to prevent damage to the fruits by them touching each other and they will not grow to their full potential. Allow them space to grow. The crop will be very plentiful, which leaves the tree rather spent by the end of the season and in the meantime, can damage the branches if they are too heavily ladened and this can lead to Silver Leaf. Keep checking for overcrowding.

Prune the tree in late spring - early summer. Greengages may need fleece protection if late frosts occur when it is flowering. This may affect whether you get any fruits forming along with a tree that is lacking in energy from a large glut the previous season.

Greengages usually harvest between August and October and can be eaten fresh, used to make desserts and preserves. Greengages can be frozen for storage too.



greengages 2795632_1920
greengages 2795632_1920

Growing Greengages in Summary

Planting Greengages

  • Plant bareroots in November-December
  • Plant container grown trees anytime
  • Plant in a sunny and sheltered position

Growing Greengages

  • Prune in late spring/early summer
  • Protect from frosts
  • Check for overcrowding and damaged fruits

Harvesting Greengages

  • August-October harvesting
  • Irregular harvesting
  • Can be eaten fresh or used for desserts and preserves