Growing Cress

Growing Cress

Commonly known as Cress, its official name is Lepidium sativum, and is also known as Pepperwort and Peppergrass. Cress is an annual plant, and you will be able to enjoy it all year round if it is grown indoors.

Cress is so simple to grow, it can be a fun activity to grow Cress with young children due to its quick germination and readiness to eat.  Its flavour resembles a peppery, mustard-like flavour and is widely enjoyed in salads and sandwiches.

It can be grown in soil, which provides the Cress with much more nutrients and it will last longer but you can also germinate the seeds on kitchen roll, tissue paper or cotton wool. Just add a little water to the soil or tissue and you will have seedlings in a matter of days or even hours! Cover the seeds in clingfilm or a clear lid to help the germination process along. Water them regularly.

Cress can grow indoors all year-round on a light windowsill and you can also sow it directly, making a nice addition to a herb or salad bed. If you choose to grow it outdoors, it will require a cool and shady position. Growing Cress in full sun can make the Cress taste bitter. Growing Cress is a nice, quick crop to grow and can be grown amongst others. You can stagger your sowing to extend your harvest.

Cress works well planted with carrots and radishes if you are fighting for space.

After a couple of weeks; or maybe even less, you can snip your Cress as required to enjoy. Younger leaves are more flavoursome, so be sure not to leave it too long to harvest. The Cress will go to seed after approximately 3-5 harvests.


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Growing Cress in Summary

Sowing Cress

  • Sow anytime indoors
  • Sow in soil or a moist tissue/cotton wool
  • Cover with cling film

Growing Cress

  • Water when required
  • Keep in a light position in a pot 
  • Grow in a shady position outside

Harvesting Cress

  • Snip when leaves have grown within two weeks
  • Harvest young leaves for fuller flavour
  • Will go to seed after 3-5 harvests