Innovative greenhouse products for allotments from Harvst

Embark on a journey of unparalleled satisfaction as an allotment owner, cultivating your own bountiful harvest with Harvst's innovative solutions. Whether you're aiming to nourish your family year-round with an extensive garden or simply enhance the flavors of your pizza with homegrown basil, Harvst is here to transform your gardening experience.

Their S-Series, an array of automatic mini greenhouses, is tailored for the effortless and eco-friendly cultivation of your cherished vegetables, salads, and herbs. Choose from two climate control sizes to suit any space and fulfil every gardening need. Perfect for those who crave the joys of year-round self-sufficiency but can't dedicate daily attention to their plants, the compact and versatile S-Series Mini Greenhouse is an ideal fit for smaller gardens, balconies, and patios.


smart mini greenhouse coldframes

Enter the realm of convenience with the WaterMate, a smart, solar-powered watering system designed to seamlessly integrate into any garden. This automatic system, driven by a combination of timers and environmental sensors, ensures your plants receive the precise amount of water they need. Whether drawing water from a tank or connecting to a garden tap, the WaterMate's adaptability makes it suitable for domestic greenhouses, polytunnels, allotments, and even your vegetable and flower beds.

Harvst is thrilled to share the immense sense of accomplishment and pride that comes with growing your own food. Elevate your gardening experience with their cutting-edge solutions and embrace the joy of cultivating a thriving, sustainable harvest on your allotment or at home.


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wm mini mains hose
Watermate Mini Mains Hose