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A greenhouse can be really beneficial for growing your own, giving you a longer growing season with the ability to sow seeds earlier and growing all year round. It provides warmth as well as protection against the elements as well as pests and wildlife.

When you purchase a greenhouse you need to consider the space you have for easy access as well as the greenhouse area itself, the positioning - does it get maximum sunlight, will it be sheltered from open winds? Taking into account all of the seasons to be able to maximise on winter sun too.

You will need to manually water and it's wise to fit guttering and a water butt to collect water for your thirsty plants.  Greenhouses can become very warm and will also require dampening down to create humidity and moisture within.

You can also fit vents for air flow to help regulate summer temperatures as well as heaters for colder winter days and nights. During winter, plants may require additional lighting too.

A thermometer will help you keep control along with other useful accessories that we've mentioned.  

You may want to think about the actual structure of the greenhouse - wooden frames require regular maintenance; some are metallic framed. In addition to this, you will need a prepared flat ground surface - an ideal would be paving slabs or similar.

Once you're set up and in place you will want to think about what you're growing and how much. Shelving and or workbenches will help stay organised and maximise space. You will need containers, compost/fertiliser, plant feed, hand tools and a watering can and mister spray. You could hang baskets too.

The humid environment can be subject to mould and mildew and should be wiped down and cleaned often to help prevent this. The right balance of moisture for healthy plants and avoiding these issues will come with experience - misting inside is effective.

You are still at risk of pests and diseases too, so do keep everything in check.

To have a greenhouse allows you to grow more tropical plant and crop varieties, start seeds off before planting out, it helps to ripen fruits. The benefits are endless. 

You might be 'handy' enough to construct your own or opt for a lean-to or other type of construction. Or go more low scale and use propogators and mini low-level cabinets with glass lids. Food for thought!

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