Growing Pak Choi at the Allotment

Growing Pak Choi at the Allotment

Pak Choi is a brassica that comes in different coloured varieties; green, white and purple. It grows quite quickly, and the leaves can be eaten raw or cooked.

You can sow Pak Choi directly from April onwards until July depending on the variety and young, baby leaves will be ready for picking approximately one month later. If you are waiting for the bigger and more mature leaves, it will take approximately 2 months. Sow the seeds approximately 1cm deep.

Pak Choi, also known as Chinese Cabbage, likes full sun in damp soil and will thrive with plenty of organic matter added into the soil. Leave anywhere between 10cm-30cm in between plants depending on how big you want to grow them. Water them regularly, not allowing them to totally dry out.

You will be able to harvest leaves in between April and October dependent on the variety and sowing time. Once the autumn arrives and the growth slows, cut the plant down to a stump and you might have more leaves re-grow.

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Growing Pak Choi in Summary

Sowing Pak Choi

  • Sow from April - July
  • Sow in full sun or with little shade
  • Sow in damp soil with organic matter

Growing Pak Choi

  • Water regularly
  • Watch for slugs and pests
  • Keep weed-free

Harvesting Pak Choi

  • Pick young leaves after approximately one month
  • Pick more mature leaves 
  • Cut plant at the stump at the end of the season