Growing Sage at the Allotment

Growing Sage at the Allotment

Sage is a fragrant and attractive plant to have growing and is flavoursome for meat dishes and sauces; not forgetting stuffing when coupled with onion!

Sage is usually grown on from young, shop-bought plants but it can be grown from seed. It takes approximately 3 weeks to germinate, and you will therefore have a longer wait until you can harvest the leaves. Sow the seed in small pots and propagate them until seedlings appear.

Sage likes a sunny and sheltered position in well-drained soil, as they do not like wet roots. Be careful not to over-water the sage plants. Sage can be grown in containers; ensuring there is good drainage also. Keep the area weed-free and dig in some well-rotted manure or compost.

Prune the plants after they have flowered to encourage a bushier growth. Water during dry spells.

Sage leaves or stems can be picked all year round, with fresh summer leaves giving the best flavour. The plants may need protection with fleece over the winter months.

You can hang your sprigs of leaves to dry or use them fresh. You can also freeze them in water - An icetray is ideal. Store dried leaves in an airtight container.

You may enjoy our stuffing recipe.

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Growing Sage in Summary

Sowing Sage

  • Grow on from young plants
  • Germination of seeds can take 3 weeks
  • Choose a sunny and sheltered position

Growing Sage

  • Do not over-water
  • Prune after flowering
  • Protect during winter

Harvesting Sage

  • Pick leaves regularly; summer growth is best
  • Can be dried or frozen
  • Can be harvested all year round