November Allotment Jobs


  • Dig dig dig!
  • Collect up weeds
  • Make good and secure for the winter months

What to Grow in November

Autumn us underway now, with early evenings and colder days but there is still plenty to grow for over wintering to help reduce the workload for next spring when it is a busy time. It also occupies otherwise empty soil beds. There is a range of vegetables and dormant fruit trees you can plant now if the soil is not frozen.

Cleared soil beds will benefit from digging over and some well-rotted manure or organic matter mixed in. This will help make for a healthy soil bed next year when the season starts again. Frosts throughout winter will help break down the clumps of soil.

More maintenance jobs, cleaning and tidying of equipment can be done too if the weather allows.

November is a good time for pruning some existing fruit trees and the planting of dormant bareroot fruit trees if the ground is not too solid.

There may be more to harvest too; collect up remaining vegetables that will not withstand the winter months and keep looking after the over wintering crops. If you have not done so already, think about fleece, cloches and general winter protection for any crops you wish to extend or grow through the winter.



Leaves and green debris can be collected and composted; leaves, twigs and so on can also make great mulch once stored for several months.

Mulch up any crops requiring weed supression and moisture retention. Add stakes to any plants that are vulnerable to winds.

Check cages and netting you have for brassicas, repairing or replacing if there is any damage.

If you have not yet done so, clean down the greenhouse - you may have some over wintering sowing still being done or plants that have been transported back under glass. Ensure there is ventilation but you may want to check heaters are functioning and so on. 

November is another month of storing your grown vegetables, once harvested. You may need to check your stores thoroughly again, for any damage or rotting and remove these in time before the whole amount becomes infected.

You may want to plan ahead for next season; make notes now of your successes and crops that did not do as well. Varieties used and crop layout for crop rotating next year.

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