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Founded in 1949 with their headquarters outside Castle Cary in beautiful Somerset, Ashidge Trees are a high quality, mail order nursery where you can buy plants online safely and conveniently. They deliver to customers across mainland Great Britain, and to the Isle of Wight. Because you can only buy from them online and not visit in person, they are able to keep their overheads low and provide you with the best plants at competitive prices. 

Ashridge Trees know that your plants' success is dependent as much on good gardening advice and excellent service as it is on top-notch plants. They provide you with as much information and as many how-to videos as you need to get stuck in without having to buy a pile of new books, although every blossoming gardener is honour bound to read The Well-Tempered Garden.

Ashridge Trees understand that sometimes you need to speak to a real person with specific answers for you, so they have some of the most highly trained, professional, and weather-beaten staff in the history of the industry to give you a helping hand when needed.

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