WIN a Magnetic Garden Water Softener from Plant Surge!

The WINNER of a Magnetic Garden Water Softener from Plant Surge is
Kate Carvey!

Powered by magnets, proven by science and endorsed by growers. Plantsurge creates structured water that will give you stronger, healthier plants, abundant flowers and bigger yield.

  • Works with all water systems
  • Mains water
  • Ideal for water butt
  • Ideal for Drip irrigation
  • Both hard and soft water
  • Fits all hosepipes

Plantsurge is moulded with ocean recycled plastic.

Ecocamel worked with product designer Gavin Reay and global recycled plastic supplier Oceanworks® to create a new generation Plantsurge using 34 % of recovered ocean plastic. The brief of the design was to make Plantsurge aesthetically pleasing with ocean plastic in the mould, make it 100% weatherproof, give it elastomer qualities so it has a flexible softer feel and make it easy to fit without pinching any fingers!

Gavin Reay created Plantsurge with four powerful magnets built inside the mould with a new casing specifically designed for year-round outdoor use, complete with pre-moulded secure screws so it can fit different pipe size diameters from 12 mm to 25 mm. The new Plantsurge would produce magnetic fields that would create softer water for gardens whilst boosting growth and giving abundant flowers.  As a first step toward making our product range more sustainable, the new Plantsurge design has been a real success story, however, Ecocamel is committed to achieving much more sustainability and eco-friendly ethics across its product range.

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