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The El Fuego Fire Pit is one of the most eco-friendly fire pits on the planet. It emits only a fraction of the carbon found in traditional fire pits; while burning for hours with a consistent flame. It is easy to light and extinguish and requires no attention - leaving you free to enjoy yourselves!

The El Fuego Fire Pit is incredibly versatile too. With no smoke and no smell, it's perfect for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces; whilst you can also pack it up and take it on picnics and camping trips.

The firepit is fuelled by 100% vegetable wax, it's seriously hot and eco-friendly with 90% less C02; you don't have to worry about polluting your friends and family with plumes of wood smoke and hot embers! It lights in seconds and you will have a constant flame for 8 hours. The smokeless fire pit includes a firepit, single fuel re-fill, protective cover, table top lid, fire drum and free delivery.

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Eco Fuego's team are available Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm