In 2005 Andy Warren and Nick Grant combined their knowledge and expertise to set up NatSol. They already had over 30 years combined experience in composting and waterless toilet design. In the 16 years since then NatSol has gone from strength to strength and has developed a range of products for different types of sites.

NatSol is widely regarded as manufacturing the best composting and waterless toilets on the UK market.

Why NatSol are the UK market leaders:

  • Proven performance with over 750 installations.
  • High quality materials and components.
  • Spacious buildings with excellent accessibility for wheelchair users.
  • Physically robust design with no pumps or raking mechanisms to fail.
  • Biologically robust twin-vault urine-separating design for composting toilets.
  • Compact toilets for low use, private sites.
  • Waterless Zero Discharge toilets for busy public sites.
  • NatSol supply AirFlush© Urinals - the best waterless urinal system you can buy.
  • All designed for the UK climate with no reliance on urine evaporation.
  • Excellent service and after sales support.
  • Detailed installation and operating guides.
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Tel: 01686 412653


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