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    Welcome to our online community of all things allotment and vegetable garden! We are a community of growers that sow & grow throughout the UK. From the patch to the pan we discuss, buy & sell, share tips and information for the beginner to expert including recipes and health food features - all shared by our growing community!

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About Us

A husband and wife digging duo who have rented an allotment plot locally since 2016. Not experts by any means but more importantly learning as the journey continues and enjoying every step of the way.

We've made mistakes, we've worked tremendously hard in all weathers and we have experienced the highs of success and great satisfaction of providing fresh, organic produce for our family. We would love you to join us on our growing journey!




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Our Dream

To bring together and grow a like-minded community of growers; allotment plot holders or home-based vegetable & kitchen gardeners - beginners to experts and share our dream of growing our own, organic fresh produce and enjoying everything inbetween from the plot or patch to the pots and pans.