The WINNER of a Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 30 and a Gardena Large Spreader from Winchester Garden Machinery is
Angela Harvey!

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gardena mounted hose

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Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 30 Description

With the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 30, you receive a wall-mounted solution for your garden irrigation needs. The ready-to-use set includes a 30 m long hose with a diameter of 1/2" (13 mm), all necessary Original GARDENA System and assembly parts, a tap to reel connection hose as well as a nozzle with two different spray jet options. The hose box allows for a tight and reliable retraction mechanism. Pull out the hose to the desired length, water your plants and then just tug the hose to activate the rewinding mechanism. The hose guide provides you with reliable functionality and the slow rewind speed ensures a safe and controlled rewinding of the hose without tangling and knotting. The stable wall mounting bracket has a theft protection. The Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 30 has a long lifetime, it is covered with five years of warranty by GARDENA. Watering that’s always ready for action—with the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 30.

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gardena mounted hose
gardena spreader
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Gardena Large Spreader Description

Passion every season! The GARDENA Spreader L will let you experience enthusiasm for your garden throughout the entire year. Use it, for example, to fertilize lawns of up to 400 m² in the growth phase or to spread winter grit in frost and snow. You can regulate the quantity with the ergonomic handle and the practical open/close function allows you to precisely dose the spreading material - in an upright posture without bending down. The special scattering roller helps you to distribute the material evenly so it always gets where it is supposed to go. The patented locking slide with soft plastic lip ensures there is no accidental leakage of spreading material and no leaks after use. When guiding the spreader, you will get good support on any surface thanks to the large-tread wheels with ball bearings that provide a firm grip and the best traction. In addition, the cart is made of materials such as high-quality plastic, a sturdy aluminium bracket and a stainless steel wire rope, which make it resistant to corrosion and breakage. You just need water for cleaning, for example, simply spray it down with the water hose.

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