Growing Tayberries at the Allotment

Growing Tayberries at the Allotment

Tayberries are a Hybrid perennial plant producing fruits that are like a combination of raspberries and blackberries. They are easy to grow; Tayberries grow vigorously and can be cultivated and trained in the same way as blackberries with their prickly runners that flower then fruit on the previous years' growth.

Tayberries can be grown from dormant bareroots in autumn to early spring or container grown Tayberries can be planted at any time. Water in well, into well-drained soil in a sunny position and add mulch to retain moisture and supress the weeds.

Prune the stems after fruiting; the new growth will produce next season's fruit. Train the shoots, remove dead or damaged and unruly shoots to expose the tree. You can train it to grow fanned against a fence or wall. Free standing Tayberry plants may require stakes for support.

Water regularly until the Tayberry plant is established. Container plants require regular watering as compost dries out quickly.

Tayberries are generally problem free, however, they can be affected by aphids or raspberry beetle. You may wish to protect your Tayberry plant with netting or a fruit cage.

The Tayberry plant flowers during June, followed by juicy fruits that darken and feel soft when they are ripened.

They will come away from the stem easily when picking if they are ripe and ready.

Tayberries have a distinctive flavour and are perfect for jams and cooked desserts, their flavour is amazing eaten fresh and raw. Tayberries can be frozen for storage.



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Growing Tayberries in Summary

Planting Tayberries

  • Plant dormant bareroots in autumn to early spring
  • Plant container grown any time
  • Plant in a sunny position

Growing Tayberries

  • Water regularly until established
  • Prune and train after fruiting
  • Protect against birds

Harvesting Tayberries

  • Harvest during July
  • Pick berries when they have darkened and feel soft
  • Can be enjoyed fresh or cooked in desserts and jams