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At Premier Polytunnels, they have over 35 years experience in polytunnel design and development. They are here to help you create effective domestic and commercial growing spaces using polytunnels.
Whether your allotment is your hobby or you’re growing commercial produce, you can choose the size you need from their diverse range of polytunnels for sale. Premier Polytunnels offer a broad selection of sizes, ranging from 6ft wide polytunnels for smaller gardens to 30ft wide structures fit for commercial growing. Once you’ve picked your polytunnel, browse their polytunnel accessories, including polytunnel covers, raised beds, netting and more.
Premier Polytunnels also supply a range of other products for sale, such as cloches, fruit cages, and sheep housing – all designed and manufactured in-house by their expert team.

Premier Polytunnels are a family business, run by a father, daughter and son team. All of their polytunnels are produced in-house. Because of this, they are confident that the quality of their polytunnels is unmatched. This confidence is backed by the awards they have won.
Their specialist design is the only one to include all the following as standard:

  • For extra strength and rigidity, Premier Polytunnels use larger diameter hoops than their competitors.
  • The UK’s first 5-layer Thermal Anti Drip polythene cover.
  • Wide ‘wheelbarrow’ doors for easy access.
  • Universal fixing brackets for ease of construction.

Premier Polytunnels' satisfied customers are especially impressed by their excellent customer service, including their unrivalled after sales support. They are the only polytunnel company to offer an out-of-hours Construction Advice Helpline, open seven days a week until 9pm.

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