Growing Almonds at the Allotment

Growing Almonds at the Allotment

How to Grow Almonds: A Detailed Guide

Almond trees are beautiful blossoming trees that are easy to grow if you have the right weather conditions. If you’re wondering “Can you grow almonds in the UK”, the answer is yes. It’s not for everyone and certainly isn’t easy, but it is possible!  From planting, caring for and harvesting, we talk all things almonds here! If you have an almond tree yourself and would like to share your tips, register today and tell us about your experience! 

Where to Grow Almonds

Ideally; almond trees need frost-free winters and warm and dry summers. They crop well in a sunny position and can be fan-trained against a south-facing wall. Ensure you have a sweet variety and not a variety grown just for flowering. The “Ingrid” variety seems to be the most suitable almond variety if you are growing in the UK.

When to Grow Almonds

Knowing how to grow almonds effectively involves choosing the right planting time. Almond trees are best grown from bare roots that are dormant during winter to early spring or alternatively, pot-grown trees at any time. Almond trees take a few years to fruit, so don’t expect fruit until its second or third year. You may need to plant two trees to make pollination partners.

How to Plant Almonds

Dig a hole for planting to accommodate the bare root in a sunny position and water in the well. Remove any vegetation around the base and mulch up to retain moisture and suppress the weeds. Unless it is a resistant variety, be aware of peach leaf curl.

How to Take Care of an Almond Tree

Growing almonds in the UK takes time and proper care for the best results. Once the tree has flowered and set fruit, you can prune the tree and remove damaged leaves or dead shoots that may be infected with Canker.

When and How to Harvest Almonds 

Generally, a good time to pick your almonds is August-September. If the weather has been warm and dry enough, the hulls will begin to split open, but if it’s been cold and wet, you might need to cut them open yourself. When approximately 3/4 of the hulls have split, it is a good time to pick and/or shake the tree to catch them.

Store the kernels for them to dry out evenly and they can be stored in their kernels or shelled.

Almonds can be eaten raw or used in cooking. You might like to try our Orange and Almond Loaf Cake recipe.

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Growing Almonds in Summary

Planting Almonds

  • Plant bareroots late autumn-early spring
  • Plant pot grown trees anytime
  • Plant in a sunny position

Growing Almonds

  • Water during dry spells until established
  • Mulch to supress weeds and retain moisture
  • Prune and remove damaged shoots/leaves

Harvesting Almonds

  • Pick or shake from tree once the hulls have split
  • Place kernels out to dry evenly
  • Harvest from August-September and store.