• Harvest and storage
  • Preparation and soil treatment
  • Work your compost

What to grow

This time of year is more about harvesting than growing and that will keep you busy enough but if you still want to keep growing it's a good time for oriental vegetables and some hardy leafy ones such as spinach ready for Spring next year.

You can start to plant out onion and garlic sets that will be ready next year too.

Jobs to do

  • The harvesting and storing will keep you busy around the clock from digging up and clearing used foliage and roots for your compost heap to making the soil area good again for a fresh crop next season.
  • Away from the plot you will still have your hands full washing, blanching, storing and freezing. You might be pickling, making chutneys, jams and making all kinds of winter stocks also.
  • This month we really harvest what we reap and make the plot good to go again. All unwanted green waste can be added to make compost and if you have an existing heap, now is a good time to work and rotate it and any that's ready can be used to treat the soil that youve cleared and dug over.