Growing Tarragon at the Allotment

Growing Tarragon at the Allotment

Tarragon is a perennial herb and comes in two varieties - French Tarragon and Russian Tarragon.

Tarragon is mostly grown on from a young plant or cuttings as French Tarragon does not seed. Russian Tarragon can be grown from seed although, it is less popular due to French Tarragon having a much better flavour.

Tarragon likes well-drained soil, adding lots of mulch during the winter months to protect it from frosts. It can grow approximately 120cm tall. Choose a sunny and sheltered position. Add in some sand if you have heavy soil. 

Tarragon lasts for approximately 3 years and you can easily propagate cuttings from your plant to grow new ones.

You can regularly pick the leaves as required from March through until October.

Cut off the dying stems, down to the base at the end of it's season ready for it to re-grow fresh stems the following year.

Tarragon is best used in cooking towards the end so that the subtle flavour does not get lost and you can freeze it for storage. Drying Tarragon is not recommended as this too, causes it to lose its flavour.

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Growing Tarragon in Summary

Sowing Tarragon

  • Tarragon is grown on from root divisions, cuttings or young plants
  • Not really suitable for containers as it grows high
  • Plant in well-drained soil

Growing Tarragon

  • Mulch and protect the plant from cold weather
  • Propagate cuttings after 3 years
  • Pinch off the flowers to prolong leaf growth

Harvesting Tarragon

  • Pick leaves as required March - October
  • Can be frozen but not very suitable for drying
  • Use towards the end of cooking to keep the flavour