We were very lucky to receive a generous box of bird food from Hedge Buddies, which included 8 1kg bags of Hedge Buddies' mixes and a pack of fat balls. 

Before I talk about the feed and our experience with feeding the birds, I would like to discuss the point of packaging.  The Founder, Elizabeth has worked hard to source affordable yet eco-friendly packaging; even the outer packaging also, so that it is all compostable. The packages have been carefully balanced to give quality, quantity and value for money - and at the same time, save on the courier's carbon footprint using one box up to 15kg, which is a lot of birds fed! The packaging provides freshness yet is strong and secure with no damage or leaks. We love the fact that ordering in bulk is still very efficient and kind to our planet.

So on to the fat balls and mixes of Hedge Buddies' seeds. The fat balls went down so quickly! I don't think I've seen such a flock at once! The birds obviously approved and recommended to others - they didn't last long - in a good way! Clearly the quality of the fat balls are more superior than others on the market.

Again, with the mixed bags, which included ingredients such as sunflower hearts, mealworm, peanut granules, suet pellets and raisins were devoured! If only birds could speak but actions speak louder than words and their enthusiasm said everything! Luckily Elizabeth at Hedge Buddies sent us plenty to keep the birds going for a while yet.

If you love to watch the birds and attract more species, definitely have a look at the different packages to try. 

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