Growing Kiwis at the Allotment

Growing Kiwis at the Allotment

Growing Kiwis in the UK is more than possible with several varieties available; particularly if you have a sunny location in a sheltered spot. There are male and female varieties and, also self-fertile varieties. The fruits will ripen fully after a long, hot summer but otherwise, may need picking and ripening indoors.

You will need plenty of space in your warm and sheltered position for this vigorously growing, climbing plant that will require support, training and pruning. Plant out from March to May in well-drained, slightly acidic soil.

Water the Kiwi plant regularly for the first two years during the growing season, until it is established. Do not allow it to become water-logged. You can mulch around the base of the Kiwi plant to retain the moisture but being careful not to cause rotting.

Pruning can be done during winter and, also the summer and protection will be required against frosts. 

Kiwi plants will take 3-4 years to first produce fruits and the crop can be plentiful if the conditions are right for them and the plant is well pruned. From August-September you can harvest the furry fruit; if not fully ripened, they can continue to ripen indoors. 

Kiwis can be stored in a fridge for up to 3 months.


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Growing Kiwis in Summary

Planting Kiwis

  • Allow plenty of space for growth
  • Plant young plants in March to May
  • Plant in a sunny and sheltered position

Growing Kiwis

  • Prune bi-annually and train
  • Water regularly for the first two years during the growing season
  • Protect against the frosts

Harvesting Kiwis

  • First harvest after 3-4 years
  • Harvest from August 
  • May need to be fully ripened indoors