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Welcome to our online community of all things allotment and vegetable garden! We are a community of growers that sow and grow throughout the UK.

From the patch to the pan we discuss, share tips and information for the beginner to expert including recipes and health food features - all shared by our growing community! Add Your Allotment Diary too and reap the rewards of our members' knowledge...

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Beginners to experts

Which seeds to sow, jobs to do and a range of tasks to bear in mind each month weather dependent, of course!
It's all in the planning - get ahead with our handy calendar here.

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Welcome to Your Allotment Diary

Register to start keeping your own diary of your progress on the plot to share with our growing community. You're welcome to share tips, experiences; even just a simple photo. You can tell us what you've been up to on your plot or discuss a particular crop, project, recipe - Anything growing related. We would love to learn from you as well as help you along the way throughout the seasons. We have a simple, step by step guide on how to start Your Allotment Diary.

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