Growing Okra at the Allotment

Growing Okra at the Allotment

Okra is also known as 'Ladies Fingers' and likes the same growing conditions as aubergines; in a greenhouse or a very sunny and hot position. 

Okra can be sown indoors from March-April and propagated in a warm and sunny position. Sow the Okra seeds in individual modular trays after soaking the seeds in warm water for two hours. As the seedlings grow, re-pot into larger individual pots.

During late May-early June when the plants have grown to approximately 5 inches, plant the Okra in their final growing position after hardening them off and protecting them with fleece if need be.

Ensure the Okra plants have plenty of heat and watering. Also add mulch for moisture retention.

As the plants grow to approximately 2feet, pinch out the shoot tips to encourage side shoots and then form pods. Okra plants can grow upto over 4ft and so they will require supporting canes.

From late summer to early autumn, you can harvest the pods after flowering, once the pods are approximately 3inches long. Mature pods can be stringy and tough. Picking the pods will encourage more pods to grow and the last harvest should be before the first frost.

Okra pods can be cooked or frozen for storage.


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Growing Okra in Summary

Sowing Okra

  • Sow indoors in March-April
  • Re-pot until 5 inches
  • Harden off and plant out late May-early June

Growing Okra 

  • Water regularly and keep weed-free
  • Keep in a sunny or hot position
  • Support with canes

Harvesting Okra

  • Pick young pods regularly
  • Pick pods from late summer-early autumn
  • Can be frozen