WIN a Collection of 4 Carnivorous Plants from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants!

The WINNER of a Beginner's Collection of 4 Carnivorous Plants from Hampshire Carnivorous Plants is Julia Linsley!

Hampshire Carnivorous Plants are offering you the chance to WIN a stunning collection of 4 Carnivorous Plants!

  • 21 times consecutive Chelsea Gold Medalist
  • UK's largest carnivorous plant nursery
  • Established in 1998; 20 plus years experience

This collection of four easy to grow carnivorous plants can be grown on a south facing windowsill, frost-free or unheated greenhouse or conservatory. Care instructions will be included.

The collection includes:

  • 1 venus flytrap,
  • 1 sundew (capensis or aliciae) and
  • 2 different pitcher plants.

All four plants are sent out ready potted in 9cm pots, you are now ready to start growing these fascinating plants. The plants will not need repotting until the following Spring. The flytrap and sudew are mature, the two pitcherplants are 3 year olds. Please remember all of these plants are dormant over the winter months. 

Enter for the chance to WIN this beautiful Beginners Collection of 4 Carnivorous Plants below!

Find out more tips on growing this lovely collection of plants and much more:

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