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In 1981, Red Gorilla introduced the Equine world to their Tyre Rubber™ product line. They revolutionised stable management, from feeding and watering to more labour intensive tasks like mucking out and clearing the yard, their new skips, mangers, tubs and buckets made yard maintenance easier than ever before. It also had multiple other uses, which they hadn't ever thought of, for the agricultural and construction sectors, too.

In 1995, after the success of their Tyre Rubber™ range, Red Gorilla created the Tubtrug™, the first flexible, two handled tub ever made. A few years later, they rebranded to Gorilla Tubs®, but maintained everything about their tubs that made them great, and they have remained the best and most reliable tubs on the market. They're the original and still the best!

2005 saw the introduction of the Gorilla Broom® with it's integrated scraper edge, soft or hard bristles, choice of sizes, innovative anti clog channel in the head, the Gorilla Broom® is the most advanced and well made broom ever...

2015 came the Gorilla Shovel™ solid, unibody shovel with great capacity, weighing in at only 1.2 kilograms. It's impressively strong and unbelievably light!

After the prolonged success of Tyre Rubber™, in 2020, Red Gorilla began developing a range of stable equipment for the modern yard. They started with the original designs of the best selling products in the range, improving as they went, developing an entirely new polymer substance called Gorilla Plas®. It's stronger than rubber, easier to clean because it is non absorbent, and it's lighter than rubber, too. Since then, they have introduced it in 4 new colours, as well, so your feed skips and mangers can finally match the rest of your gear!
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