April Allotment Jobs


  • Avoid planting out too early due to the risk of frosts
  • Plant chitted second earlies during the first fortnight followed by main crop during the last
    two weeks this month
  • Keep hoeing the little weeds appearing to save time and work later on!

What to grow in April

April has us eager to really get going outside this month, however there is still a risk of frosts and 'April showers' may hinder the work but there is plenty to do and hopefully a pleasant Easter break will give us the chance to get stuck in.

The average temperatures should allow some outdoor sowing and indoor seedlings will be thriving by now. Fruit trees will begin to blossom and as Spring gets under-way we need to think about feeding, pruning and not allowing those weeds to get too carried away!

If it's a particularly warm April (yes it has been known!) Do water regularly. On the other hand, you may still be required to protect some crops against frost or winds.

Second earlies and main crop will be going in the ground, and you can start to plant out some of those seedlings into their final growing position. Do keep sowing if you would like staggered crops and a continuous harvest of any that can still be sown, which will be many vegetables.

If March has been particularly cold or wet, you may feel behind on allotment tasks, but you will soon catch up. Put a hoe to good use, breaking down large lumps of soil as you weed - even if the area is weed-free - they can often be lurking underneath, all ready to appear!

Now is the time when pests re-emerge too, so be mindful of slugs, carrot fly and offer your crops the necessary protection or deterrent.


So, now we are in that period where we are harvesting the last of the winter crops and awaiting the Spring crops to grow; however, there is always a few things left that we shouldn't forget about as well as maybe even some very early Spring crops ready for harvest such as cabbage and broccoli, and possibly some salad crops too.

Fruit trees will benefit from a fresh layer of compost and feeding; particularly citrus trees. Some varieties of fruit will need pruning now.

As always, there is plenty of maintenance work to do, whether that be preparing more beds, thinning out seedlings, mulching wet areas and putting support canes in place where needed.

If you have the benefit of an unheated greenhouse, it should be warm enough now to be able to start growing those plants that like the warmer climes. If it's a particularly warm month you can start to harden off some of the seedlings if they're big enough that you will transport out later in the month or May.

Check anything in store, such as potatoes and onions for rotting and damage so the remainder can be saved.

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