WIN a Firepit worth £225 from El Fuego!

The WINNER of an Eco Fuego Firepit worth £225
from El Fuego is Karen Baines!

The El Fuego Fire Pit is one of the most eco-friendly fire pits on the planet. It emits only a fraction of the carbon found in traditional fire pits; while burning for hours with a consistent flame. It is easy to light and extinguish and requires no attention - leaving you free to enjoy yourselves!

The El Fuego Fire Pit is incredibly versatile too. With no smoke and no smell, it's perfect for smaller gardens and outdoor spaces; whilst you can also pack it up and take it on picnics and camping trips.

This bundle comes with everything you need for your new fire pit: 

  • 1 x Fire Pit Burner (wood design)
  • 1 x Fire Pit Table Top Lid (wood design)
  • 1 x Fire Pit Drum Insert
  • 1 x 8Hr Fire Pit Refill Candle (100% Vegetable Wax)
  • 1 x Fire Pit Protective Cover (in black)

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  • Eco-Friendly: The Eco Fuego refill emits only 1.4kg of CO2/hr, a significant reduction compared to conventional fire pits that produce up to 15kg CO2/hr.
  • Ideal for Small Gardens: No pollution from wood smoke, ash, or embers, ensuring a pleasant gathering with no lingering smell of bonfires.
  • Socially Engaging: Bid farewell to the bonfire scent; enjoy an odor-free evening with your guests.
  • Easy Operation: Quick ignition and simple extinguishing by replacing the lid.
  • Remarkable Efficiency: Each 100% vegetable wax refill is equivalent to 90-100 kiln-dried logs.
  • Convenient Storage: Eco Fuego refills are more space-efficient than wood, particularly for small gardens.
  • Cost-Efficient: A single Eco Fuego refill outperforms 8 hours' worth of wood.
  • Portability: Suitable for camping, fishing, and outdoor events.
  • Low Maintenance: No need for constant log reloading; enjoy a constant, large, and hot flame.
  • Consistent Heat: Experience an enduring, large, and consistent flame.
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Designed with natural wood, the Eco Fuego fire pit complements its 100% sustainably sourced natural fuel, emitting practically no smoke. If you seek to escape the smoke and bonfire scent that often lingers, the Eco Fuego is your new flame of choice. Eco Fuego invite you to join them on this incredible journey and become one of their loyal customers.

The Eco Fuego Fire Pits are revolutionary, utilizing wax as an alternative fuel that burns cleaner, hotter, and longer than comparable products on the market.

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