Growing Sorrel at the Allotment

Growing Sorrel at the Allotment

Sorrel is a culinary herb, which is easy to grow in containers as well as a herb garden or border. It has an acidic, lemon-like flavour. Sorrel is a hardy perennial plant and is low maintenance to look after.

Sorrel can be sown thinly, directly in the ground and will thrive best in a semi-shaded position. Sorrel seeds can be sown any time from March to the end of May - early June and can be thinned out as it grows in to; typically, a very leafy plant. 

This herb does like a lot of watering unlike other herbs that prefer drier conditions. Fleece protection may be required for early sowing.

Sorrel is a pick and come again leafy plant, which you will be able to harvest from April to October. Pick the leaves regularly to encourage re-growth and remove any flower heads that appear to encourage more leaf growth.

Sorrel is a versitle herb, which can be eaten fresh in salads or cooked and eaten; similarily to spinach where it reduces considerably once cooked.

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Growing Sorrel in Summary

Sowing Sorrel

  • Sow directly, from March - early June
  • Sow in a semi-shaded position
  • Sow in fine soil

Growing Sorrel

  • Water regularly
  • Pick young leaves regularly and remove flowers
  • Protect young plants against slugs and snails

Harvesting Sorrel

  • Pick leaves regularly as required; young leaves are not as bitter as mature leaves
  • Can be eaten fresh or cooked
  • Reduces greatly when cooked (like spinach)