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'As allotment plot holders ourselves, we were lucky enough to receive a Baksaver from our friends at Lawn and Power.

There's nothing more exciting than having a big box delivered - a new toy! So we set about assembling the wheelbarrow. The instructions were easy to follow and all of the 'nuts and bolts' were present with a few extras thrown in. That's a good start!

Within approximately 10-15 minutes; once we had located the correct sized spanner for tightening we had our own shiny and new Baksaver wheelbarrow, ready for use.

We are genuinely thrilled at the mechanisms of this wheelbarrow compared with a standard one.  There is little to no effort required when using this wheelbarrow!

The handle frame is a higher height and in a bar form, instead of handles, which are usually lower down and so already it is not putting strain on your back as you don't need to bend at all.

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The design of the handle allows you to push it along with ease, having a sturdy grip - Like most gardeners with muddy hands, we find gripping ribbed handle bars can become uncomfortable on your hands, making them sore.

The Pan can hold 80L, which you would expect to be heavy. However, the Baksaver (the name says it all!) is designed so that you don't have to lift the wheelbarrow with its large sturdy wheels and the back swivel wheel that makes moving around so much easier. Yes, it has three wheels, not just one!

The Baksaver really does make light work of moving soil, compost and any other materials you might be wanting to transfer.  

The most impressive part is yet to come though! Once you are in the desired place for 'dumping' or emptying your pan, you don't need to physically lift it up to tip the contents out. Unlike a standard wheelbarrow, the handle bar acts as a lever to tip the pan up as far as you need it to - again with great ease.

The Baksaver wheelbarrow has a big tick and 'yes' from us.  It is a huge game-changer for anyone with back or mobility issues or restricted movement. With one of these, it opens up many opportunities to get much more done on the plot or in the garden for those who have probably put some jobs on the 'back burner' until somebody can help them or indeed they might not have ever happened!

Our Baksaver will definitely be put to good use throughout the year without all of the muscle aches the following day after putting in a shift!

Thank you Lawn and Power, more than happy to recommend this to our growing community! 

Carrie & Shane

Allotment Online'

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