Dovetail Greenhouses was formed in 1993 when Roger Beasley and an ex-colleague decided to put their already considerable experience in the greenhouse industry into the creation of a new company.

They had been involved in the supply of greenhouses to the big retailers in the UK and in other parts of the world and had come to realise that the needs of the individual customer were often forfeited in the vain hope of achieving volume sales.

It seemed to them that the big retailers were demanding that they made greenhouses to the lowest common denominator and this was invariably based on price.

Dovetail Greenhouses' believe that their customers have individual needs and that their role as greenhouse manufacturers is to listen and adapt their products to suit these requirements. They have continually developed products that they know suit the gardener and the individual far more than ever before. Who knows, in the long term, some of the big retailers may start to realise that their approach is the right one in this ever demanding age in which we live!

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The present Dovetail Greenhouse range now has more than twice the content of aluminium within it than many of the greenhouses that are sold via the large retailers here in the UK. This is because at Dovetail their intention is to make their greenhouses better and stronger than their competitors, tailored to suit the needs of you their individual customers. They have as a company chosen to make each greenhouse to order rather than mass producing buildings.

Thirty years on, Dovetail is now a second-generation family firm still making a range of quality greenhouses but specialising in the bespoke market. In fact, a great many of their customers tell them they were the only company willing to take on their project as the measurements were non-standard or the site required that little bit of extra imagination in order to bring the project to reality.

When it comes to their pricing however you may be very pleasantly surprised. Because they specialise in bespoke projects they are very efficient at delivering them and do not have the enormous overheads that some of their large competitors do. 

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