• Watering
  • Harvesting
  • Pest control

What to grow

You are busy with production in progress but there is still plenty you can sow.

Spring Cabbage

Jobs to do

  • July is a busy month with many crops well under way. Your early potatoes will be lifted now and beans regularly picked. There will be plenty of on going harvesting to be done and you'll be eager to try your first tastes! Tomatoes will start to ripen and your main crop of strawberries can be picked. 

  • Watering is a key part of you jobs again this month if you have hot and dry weather - even a shower won't really make a difference to thirsty plants.  You may find mulching helps to keep the soil moist. Dont let the soil dry out completely. Water your crops in the cooler part of the day or when the sun isnt directly over head such as early morning or evening to prevent damage or scorching.

  • Dont forget slugs and pests also like the warm and wet so you need to take action against unwanted guests!