Your Allotment Diary Help - Step by Step How to Guide

Thank you for choosing to share your allotment diary with us and our growing community.  Beginner growers to experts will benefit from experiences, advice and tips your share and we hope that you too will reap the rewards from following your favourite members.

You don't have to be an avid writer or blogger to join in. From a simple photo or a quote to topical posts about projects, specific crops, a recipe - anything growing related will be welcome.

Below we have a simple step by step guide on how to get started:


Fill in your name, the public display name you've chosen and email address here. Choose a strong password and check the tick box options for your contact permissions and agree to our user guidelines. Click register.

Email Verification

You will then need to go to your email inbox (the same email as you used to register) and open our email, this may take a few minutes to arrive.  You then click the link to verify your email address. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders incase our email has landed elsewhere.

Once you have verified your email, you will be taken to the login area. Please enter your email and password and click login.

Welcome to Your Allotment Diary dashboard

Here you will see a variety of options. Start by editing your profile by clicking My Profile. You can:

  • Add a profile photo/picture
  • Add a bio for example 'I'm a no-dig plot holder in Northampton and I love carrots!'
  • Add your own links

Add Links to your own website and social media platforms

Here you will see that you can add links back to your own website or blog if you have one and your social media accounts! Just open your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube in other windows and copy the url. Paste it in the box provided on the above section and click Update.

Now other members will be able to find out more and help them engage with your Allotment blogs/channels if they wish.

Search, discover and follow

Here you will see that once you have updated your profile there are other things you can do as well as start a new post. You can:

  • Search topics or members
  • Follow other members
  • Draft a diary post to publish later
  • Discover new diary posts
  • Save your favourite posts/members

Start a new post

Above, you will see that when you click on New Post, you will firstly be able to select the layout. It might be that you just want a simple photo with a description, more than one photo or perhaps just photos like a mood board...

You can give it a title. Add your photos in the blue box where it has a + sign and then type in the text in the grey box with the book symbol. You will see that the text box gives you editing options such as adding a hyper link, bold & italic.

Once you're happy with your post click the white arrow in the blue background (top left) back to the main body of your post.  Scroll down and click post.

Your post may be pending for a short time until our moderators approve it.  Once we know you're a trusted member, your posts will post live automatically.  This is to prevent unwanted spam bots and offensive posts.

Connecting with other members

At the bottom of the diary posts you will see a series of symbols. By clicking them will give you these abilities:

  • A flag - You can report this post
  • A person + sign - You can follow this member
  • 3 Joined dots - YOu can share this post to your own Facebook or Twitter
  • Ribbon shape - You can bookmark this post
  • Heart shape - You can like this post

We hope you have found this page helpful but if you still require further help, please contact us

We also request that all members read and agree to our User Guidelines also.