Growing Carrots at the Allotment

Growing Carrots at the Allotment

Carrots are a popular vegetable to grow as one of the sweetest and tastiest root vegetables. They are easy to grow and come in a wide range of varieties. You can also grow red, yellow and purple ones too!  

Carrots can be sown as early as February (with some protection) through to July, giving you a constant supply depending on the quantity you are growing.
Carrots are best sown directly into the soil and if it's still cold it will be worth doing so under cloches or using fleece. 

Sow the carrot seeds thinly about an inch deep in rows. Allow 8-10 inches between rows.  As the seedlings grow, you will want to thin them out to allow growing room for your carrots. If you have little germination happening, you can add more seeds; a staggered growth helps your continuing supply. 

Depending on your variety, you can sow carrots up to July. 

Carrots can also be grown in containers, especially baby carrots that do not grow so long. They will require good compost and regular watering. 

Carrots like well-drained soil and will require watering during dry spells. However, they are resilient during dry weather and can cope with little water.   

There are pests to watch for. Carrot fly being a common threat, will cause rot. There is little you can do once your carrots become infected, but you can offer your carrots some protection to help prevent it. 

Some vegetables and flowers help reduce pests and can even enhance flavours. You may be interested in our Companion Planting page. 

You can begin to harvest your carrots dependent on the sowing time, from late Spring to early autumn. Younger carrots tend to be much sweeter, therefore harvest to taste but do not leave them for too long in the ground or they will lose all flavour. 

Carrots can be used fresh; raw or cooked and can also be frozen. If you choose to freeze carrots, it is recommended that you blanch them first. 

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Growing Carrots in Summary

Sowing Carrots

  • Sow thinly and directly
  • Offer early sowing protection
  • Stagger sowing for a continual supply

Growing Carrots

  • Thin out seedlings as they grow
  • Be mindful of pests such as carrot fly
  • Water during very dry spells

Harvesting Carrots

  • Smaller carrots are sweeter
  • Do not leave too long or lose flavour
  • Can be blanched and frozen