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Gee Tee Bulb Company is a family business based in the heart of Lincolnshire’s daffodil growing region. They are a thoroughly modern business that’s big enough to offer wide range of flower bulbs at competitive prices but small enough to deal with their customers on a one-to-one basis.

Gee Tee Bulbs source UK daffodils and UK bluebells and import direct from the Netherlands. All of their stock is hand-picked for the best quality flower bulbs. Gee Tee Bulbs have been a leading flower bulb supplier since 1961.

Gee-Tee Bulb company are currently taking orders for summer flowering bulbs such as Dahlias, Nerines and Begonias, as well as lots of bare root perennials and bulbs ‘In the Green’.

Bulbs ‘in the green’ are different to the dormant bulb you often plant in the autumn, which can struggle to establish if they have been out of the ground for a long period of time. Therefore, bulbs ‘in the green’ can be found to be more successful as they are lifted straight from the ground and packed into bundles whilst they are in leaf, have developed a root system and are actively growing. Currently, Gee-tee Bulb company are supplying snowdrops, bluebells, aconites, narcissus and wood anemones ‘in the green’.

Gee Tee Bulbs have been a trusted supplier of these native flowers for many years, producing and sourcing more established plants than ever before. These bulbs are either lifted in the wild under license or they have been grown in Lincolnshire. Most of the bulbs are UK stock.

Gee Tee Bulbs will be dispatching orders for spring flowering ‘in the green’ bulbs from mid-January through to March, dependent on the weather.

Flowering times vary, if you receive your order early you might be in for a spring display this year, especially with Bluebells which flower much later. However, the purpose of planting these bulbs this spring is for a successful well established display next year.

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