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Cotswolds Chickens are a small family run business run by Wendy and Anthony Allen. They sell poultry and associated products alongside manufacturing their Goodlife Coops and Runs on their farm in Warwickshire.

Cotswold Chickens has been running for circa 30 years and was the vision of it’s founder Jude Scott. Anthony and Wendy have been running the business since it’s move to Edgehill Stud 12 years ago.

“We are driven by helping Chicken keepers at all stages of their journey develop their understanding of the subject through first hand help here at our shop and by continuing to develop our renowned beginners and advanced courses.”

Jude’s original promise of “Lifetime of Free advice” continues to be the premise by which they run the business and will always do their very best to help their customers through tricky times.

They are proud to not only reduce their waste output there at their base, but also to help support a circular economy by encouraging their customers to utilise 100% of the waste produced by their chickens.

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