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Live to Love Outdoors

Established in 1964 on a foundation of long-term customer partnerships based on the highest standards of craftsman quality and exceptional service.

From humble beginnings, Canopy Products making its first Gallows bracket in 1973 the Company enjoyed growth to quickly become the market leader in stocked timber Gallows brackets and Canopies.

Canopy products launched its brand Blackwood Outdoor Living adding its team spirit, which is extended to their relationships with clients. Excellent customer service has been rewarded by exceptional customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is the key to their success, and they are proud of their ability to deliver a wide range of building solutions on time and on budget to the highest standards. Blackwood Outdoor Living take pride in that all their Timber products are manufactured in the UK ensuring they monitor the quality.

The Blackwoodmill Group Limited principle of becoming the first-choice supplier to fully satisfy customer requirements has enabled them to offer a range of building products to a growing number of customers including blue-chip organisations, major house builders right through to start-ups and one -man businesses. Through Blackwood Outdoor living it offers quality products so customers can live to love outdoors. They now offer a comprehensive nationwide service of over 500+ stocked building products in addition to 200+ made to order products, delivered on time.

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