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Mulch Organic is a family run business supplying biodegradable paper mulch and cornstarch films. 100% biodegradable paper mulch provides superior durability for preventing weeds naturally, landscaping projects, vegetable growing and no dig gardening. The paper completely decomposes over the season, adding humus, enriching the soil, conserving water and moderating temperature. It's completely opaque yet air and water permeable, creating the perfect microclimate to give your plants a stronger, healthier start.

Mulch Organic are a small independent business that have a keen interest in gardening and growing; The innovative paper mulch they supply has been designed to let air and water penetrate - whilst being 100% opaque. The paper mulch allows you to reduce waste and eliminate the need for nasty and damaging chemical herbicides. It helps your fruit and vegetables grow while also acting as a natural weed blocker and fully biodegrades at the end of the season, so you can simply till it in or leave it in the soil to do its thing.

When they started the company over ten years ago, they only supplied the paper product, which includes EcoMulch, this is certified organic by OMRI so they called ourselves Mulch Organic.

As time passed they had many requests from market gardeners and larger growers to supply agricultural films too. The cornstarch films they provide are not certified organic but are GMO free, made from natural corn and renewable sources and comply with all European biodegradation standards.   

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Both the paper rolls and cornstarch film rolls they provide offer a better alternative to using black plastic and help reduce costs by improving yields, conserving moisture in the soil and keeping the soil's temperature consistent. Perfect for fruit, flower and vegetable growing, landscaping and lawn restoration. 

They are good to use even just to relieve an aching back by eliminating the need for lots of weeding and for establishing a new raised bed, hedgerow, orchard or permaculture project. Both the paper and cornstarch films work well with poly tunnels, greenhouses and irrigation systems. 

Their customers range from allotment owners, homesteads, market gardeners,  landscape gardeners, home growers, campsites, construction companies and farms.  

Mulch Organic plant a tree for every sale they make online.

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