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03rd Jan 2024

So it’s roughly 3 months since I got the keys. 
it still doesn’t look like much….

but I have - 

  • got a new shed
  • got some tools! 
  • Cleared the bottom that was overgrown and waist high
  • planted onions and garlic as I was so eager!
  • planned where paths and beds are to go
  • got a compost bin on the go

theres still lots to do ready for spring. I continue to dig over the soil and pull up all the weeds. Then cover them with cardboard to suppress new growth. I hope! 

my garlic is doing well. Onions seem a bit slow… fingers crossed. It’s my first growth and I’m very excited every time I see them! 

Fingers crossed this all works and I can get a bit more done before any frosts arrive…. 


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