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27th Nov 2023

Date of entry: 18/11/23

Hello, my name is Ed and this is my first time having an allotment! 

To start, I'll tell you a little bit about myself. I live in Cottingham on the outskirts of Hull in East Yorkshire, and that is where my new allotment site is. I have grown up in Cottingham, and over the years my Grandad, my Great Uncle and my Mum and Dad have all had an allotment at some point on the same site, so I have grown up reasonably green fingered! Today, I picked up the key to my very own!

Nothing very productive other than that happened today, other than having an explore and dig in the mud with my 6 year old son and 4 year old nephew. The site has a few beds which have had produce grown in recently (some still there), some large overgrown currant and gooseberry bushes, some raspberries, and a few beds with lots of couch grass in. It also has a small shed with half the roof felt missing at the bottom.

Today was mainly used to find out where to start and I have come away with more questions than answers but...


Let the fun begin!

Ed 😄


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