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17th May 2024

So last weekend we had glorious sunshine - if anything it was a bit hot for construction but we were very lucky to receive a polytunnel from Ferryman Polytunnels We are so excited to begin this journey, having never had one; or a greenhouse before so now we have plenty of scope for growing more exotic crops, to have a longer growing season and 'power' up young plants before directly planting on. Oh and also a bit more storage room as we have a tiny yet packed shed AND shelter from the rain showers!

After Shane roped in a 'handy' friend who also has a van, we shipped up 12 packages of polytunnel parts and instructions and etc and set to work!

The kit included:

Foundation Tubes
Ridge Tubes
Diagonal Brace Bars
Timber Door Frames and Single Hinged Doors
Polytunnel Cover
All the fittings, nails & screws in a box
Construction Instructions (importantly on paper)

Tools required to use were a drill, screwdriver, hammer and a spade for digging in the frames and bars into the soil. The time it took two men to construct was a good day at it - For us it was spread over Saturday and a few hours on Sunday but with an early start; especially if you know what you're doing, you can get it done by early evening latest.

The polytunnel is 12ft x 10ft x 3M and has a door on one end and a sliding door on the other. It has sturdy poles and frames and we're confident it will withstand the open space and windy conditions.Interior-wise, very roomy and the support poles (crop bars) across the top can be used for support lines, water irrigation pipes or hanging baskets and so on. There is the opportunity to add work benches and shelving to create even more space and also controlled ventilation.




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