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03rd May 2024

Shane and I have been snatching time here and there in between working/home life and the rain! Finally, we have the plot all completely dug over.  The soil needs breaking down more and compost added before planting but the rain will help with the breaking down bit.  All weed-free and ready to go! Just need things to warm up now for some direct sowing!

The over-wintering spring onions pictured below have done well AND we have wild rocket growing back! It's so fragrant! (Pictured below).

Other jobs on the horizon are our compost area, which has collapsed. The fruits need pruning at the bottom too. Our 'rustic' plot is pictured below.

We also have a polytunnel in several parts in and around our house, scheduled to be taken up and assembled next weekend weather-permitting!

The shed needs some TLC too...I wish I hadn't started to think about the endless tasks needed but I know I will feel differently once I get some free time on a warm and dry day!

Can't wait until all of our sections are thriving with life instead of this bare soil; although there is something very soothing about freshly dug earth!

Oh! and we have all of our earlies and main crop in now too (we don't earth up until the plants have grown a bit) Not that you can see anything!


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