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02nd Apr 2024

I sometimes boast that I receive no negative feedback or complaints, however, this changed recently! I received this neg feedback.

Sadly my trug was not fishished well. Rough, frayed edges to wood, clearly not sanded. Contacted company with my genuine complaint and was treated brusqely. Such a shame as good customer service is also part of a good business!

Mrs T********e

My genuine emailed response to the customer, (that she perceived as 'brusque') was as follows: -


Dear Mrs T********e, obviously you will disagree, but to my wife and I, service and quality is absolutely paramount. We believe we do achieve both, perhaps in excess of other Trug makers and most certainly many other businesses. The sad truth regarding feedback, is that customers of every business are far more inclined to leave negative feedback than positive, understandable, but a fact! Despite this fact, I have never, before yours, received negative feedback, conversely, my positives are in their thousands, a tiny proportion are on my website - https://www.trugmakers.co.uk/Trug-feedback.html. Regarding your critique of the finish, sandpaper is not a tool of the Trugmaker as it is a rustic item. For cabinet makers, sandpaper is a required tool. Naturally as a rustic handmade item there will be hairs and minute variations, as I have said many times to visitors "they are all the same, but although I have made over 100,000 Trugs, there have never been two identical, these are not machine made". Upon completion, I examine, then sign and date my Trugs and before shipping, my wife checks every Trug for possible imperfections. If any are discovered, Jaqui brings the trug through into the workshop and it is rectified. I have no way to 'prove' that I never get negative feedback, I wish I could, but perhaps enough to compare my feedback with other businesses? In addition, my Trugs were voted No.1 by the Gardeners World magazine.  Your pictures are accurate but in high magnification, I am sure there are many hand-made items sold that could be faulted while magnified. If you are not happy with my Trug please return it and I will happily refund, but I will not supply another as it will probably be the same, I will not give it special attention - that would be wrong.

My Regards

Kevin & Jaqui

Trug Makers


She did not return the Trug!


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