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What a month! Love seeing everything growing, we’ve had some dry spells and water regularly but we’ll soon see what effect if any that’s had on the first earlies that won’t be long to dig up. We’ve had an abundance of fruit; the raspberries have surprised us having so many so early - we normally are harvesting those late August! Mr AO has spent more time this year digging, tidying the edges and so on to make the plot look much better because he had an injury that stopped him playing squash for a while and so he found his new fitness regime here! The beans are slow growing and some have failed but we’ve been hit with some black-fly that seems to be a widespread problem. You can clear them with warm soapy water to stay chemical-free…Everything else seems to be doing well. First time growing radishes and they can be picked soon. We must lift the autumn sown onions too. The garlic is drying out and the peas are thriving. Generally things seem a bit behind compared to other years but it’s all catching up! Sprouts recovered the move and we’re going to sow some more carrots. For some reason we only ever get a small amount. Parsnips however always seem to do brilliantly! They’ve germinated well! We have sweetcorn and leeks too, lost a couple but we have plenty. Well, July looks promising, we love spending time in the sunshine at the plot, it’s now at a point where we can keep on top of the weeds easily, pulling up the odd one appearing along the way. Happy growing! 

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