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29th Nov 2022

There are two projects that we will be working on over the coming winter months, that is build some compost bins, and though the photo shows 4 bins in the making, we've discovered that there is room for a 5th bin, and we have the pallets to build that number.

The fronts are going to be able to be removed so that I can empty them easily.

The other project is getting the fruit cage dug over. We've started marking out the beds and I'm slowly digging the them over. I did initially think about making "No Dig" beds, but this is a not too big an area, digging them over shouldn't be too much of an issue with my back and hips, if I don't go at it like a "bull in a china shop".

So let's hope that over the coming months we have some fine weather so we are able to get on with these projects


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