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Well we’ve both been hard at it - tending the allotment that is!!Mr AO has been busy digging and tidying up the edges along with copious amounts of watering during the dry spell.between us, we’ve been trying to get everything planted out and this week some of the direct sowing seedlings have emerged; beans, peas, carrots and beetroot. Parsnips will be some time yet…The sprout seedlings have been planted out albeit droopy for transport shock but we’re confident they’ll recover! Sowed some radishes yesterday and gave some ‘crude support’ with canes and string for the peas and dwarf beans. The potato plants are growing nicely and flowers and the beginnings of fruit have emerged in the strawberries and raspberries… Sweetcorn will be planted out this week and the leeks from last year really need to come out now as they’re starting to bolt. We also have leek seedlings to plant out - busy busy! I repotted our tomato plants outside and sadly looks like we’ve lost one of them but they’re thriving and were well overdue their new home! Rain showers today so it’s all getting a good soaking; no doubt we will see the effects of that next time we’re at the plot! 

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