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So it’s been a while since I posted and Mr AO and myself have been working hard prepping the soil and getting seedlings down as well as some direct sowing into the ground. We’ve been digging, hoeing, raking and watering despite the lack of rain; which has been really hard work! We currently have last season’s leeks still and some autumn sown onions in. Garlic too…We’ve now sown some more onions, spring onions, beetroot, dwarf beans, peas, onions parsnips, carrots and courgettes directly into the soil and await their growth! In trays at home we have sweetcorn, sprouts, leeks, lettuce and some thriving tomato plants all ready to go (some once they’re a bit more established). We’ve also got some spring and summer flower bulbs in pots near our shed and I enjoyed watching a bee enjoying the alliums the other evening If you check out our Tik Tok account you can see it pollinating too! Yesterday I spent some time preparing the brassica cage and got pretty sunburnt. So engrossed that I didn’t really notice at the time so take note and make sure you put on the sun cream if you’re working in the sunshine! Our strawberry plants are flowering, another indication that summer is finally getting here and the fruits of our labour is to come 🤩

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