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14th Jun 2024

Moved house November 2023. Had to leave behind my productive council allotment (32m x 8m) in Norfolk that I had tamed and nurtured for the last 5 years and gad to buy my first veg in 4 years.it doesn't taste the same. Annoyingly, the Asparagus crowns were in full production as were the plum tree, raspberry canes and Rhuburb that i planted in the first spring.

So January 2024 saw a complete new start. This time at the end of the garden in Wiltshire. Plot at present about a quarter of the size of my old allotment but hopefully that will grow to about half the size. 

The plot was completely wild. Full of couch grass, bind weed, ivy and brambles. In other words a complete nigh mare. After an application of weedkiller and careful digging, using a fork so as not to break up the roots, most of the couch grass and other weeds are gone except the bind weed that sends up another new shoot or 2 or should I say a100, each day. 

I have managed to get a surprisingly lot growing even with such a wet and cold spring/summer. The new potatoes are delicious and the first beetroots are ready to eat. Broad beans are not far off and the sugar snap peas are flowering so not much longer before I will be picking them. Runner beans are looking happy as well. Brassicas all looking very happy but running out of room for any more sequential planting. Parsnips and carrots are growing, although have had real problems with slugs. So much so that all my onions and leeks were completely eaten by slugs back in March (I always grow from seed). However, I managed to get a second sowing of both sorted and they are now growing well although a month or 2 behind. We'll see how successful they are as normally I plant them out 1st of April. 

The garlic, which I planted in tubs in November when I first arrived here, are looking great with about a month to go before they will be ready to harvest. Tomatoes are also in tubs and the first flowers are opening.

Sweetcorn, courgettes and butternut squash all look a bit worse for the weather!!

So all in all a good start. Fingers cross, hopefully I will be eating more home grown veg soon.





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