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13th Mar 2024

I don't know how many of you out there have bought one of those cheap tubular walk in small greenhouses. Well I have! on average one every year! Every new season we discover, what was a greenhouse is now a twisted pile of tubes, plastic bits and a holy cover (that is with holes. There's nothing sacred in our garden. Anyway, fed up with the same annual expense equivalent to my website hosting fee, last March I decided to upgrade one of these greenhouses. In high winds, the tubular components that make up the chassis, tend to separate. Of course it is impossible that they would fall back into place. Once they have separated, it's goodnight greenhouse and now just a kite! So as you can see by the images, I bought a box of 1/2" self-tapping screws (£3), drilled 1/16 pilot holes and at every point a tube meets a joiner, fixed the buggers. One year on, it still stands completely intact. So pleased with myself and the success, I bought another. So now have ample room for millions of seed trays etc. Smart eh! Wife was so pleased, I managed three visits to the snooker club this week.


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